Camp Organization

Training Counselors

Our C2C coordinator (on the left) and her staff celebrated the end of four productive and busy weeks.

Given the long hours of leading groups to and from classes, organizing icebreakers and bonfires, and supervising field trips, it’s amazing that they had the energy to pose midair for this celebratory photo.

Training counselors:

C2C camp counselors are chosen from the Saint Mary’s undergraduate student body, with a mix of experienced and new counselors each year in order to maintain stability as some graduate and move away. he week before C2C summer camp opens is a busy time as the C2C coordinator trains them for the four weeks of intensive work with 100 high school students (50 in each two-week camp). During that preparatory week, a number of training tasks are completed, including:

  • Reviewing and finalizing daily schedules to ensure counselor supervision during all non-academic hours
  • Discussing the student Code of Conduct in order to understand what is expected of C2C students and what counselors should do to ensure that rules are followed
  • Discussing how to deal with student misbehaviors in a respectful but authoritative manner
  • Learning how to lead each ice breaker and game. This practice includes the counselors taking turns leading each activity with the others as participants. The coordinator films each session and during a debriefing, the counselors discuss any modifications they should make to how they organize and lead the activity
  • Selecting topics for the counselor-led evening workshops on advice for doing well in high school and preparing for a successful college experience. Each counselor prepares a Powerpoint or script for a workshop and presents it to fellow counselors for suggestions and comments
  • Meeting with campus Safety personnel to learn procedures for dealing with accidents or potentially hazardous situations
  • Becoming certified to drive University vans in order to provide transportation to and from Minneapolis airport and city
  • Reviewing procedures for leading field trips, e.g., canoeing, Mall of America, state park visits
  • Completing Virtus training, The National Catholic Risk Retention Group sexual abuse awareness program for adults working with children.