Student Stories

The story of Countdown to College (C2C) is told by the students who will introduce visitors to the C2C program.

These videos tell the stories of where they come from, how C2C is helping them with their high school studies, with preparation for college and what are their dreams for their future.

Meet the Students

C2C students discuss their neighborhood and backgrounds.

What is C2C?

C2C students describe what the C2C program is all about.

How has C2C helped you with high school?

During the first summer of C2C, Saint Mary’s college prep program, rising 10th graders were asked how the first summer of academic camp had helped them with high school.

How has C2C helped you get ready for college?

Countdown to College (C2C) is a four-summer college preparation program for underrepresented high school students at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

What do you plan to do after college?

Interviews with students.

Why should donors support C2C?

C2C students suggest why people should support the program.