Camp Organization

Recruiting Students

Student recruitment begins in early spring each year. The first step is to provide information to school administrators and teachers about the camp and the student selection criteria.

Partner schools nominate up to four rising 8th graders for entrance to the four-year Countdown to College program. At this point, the C2C Coordinator meets with parents and students to introduce them to the C2C program and answer questions they may have. The meeting begins with a presentation, in English and/or Spanish as an overview to the camp. Those who elect to apply for the C2C scholarship are given the application materials. Students and parents together complete the first page of the Parent Info and Application, and parents complete the last page, in English or Spanish, about why they would like their child to participate in Countdown to College. After this is returned to the designated school contact person, students are given the Student Essay in a supervised setting in order to get an idea of each student’s level of spontaneous writing.

After all applications have been received at the university, the C2C administrative team meets to select 24 new student to begin their Countdown to College/Camino a la Universidad. They receive a letter of application and a New Student Packet.

At this time, packets for returning students are also mailed.

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