Camp Organization

Getting Campus Ready

It takes a village to shepherd high school students on their four-year Camino a la Universidad (Road to the University) that we call Countdown to College.

Each July, Saint Mary’s University Winona campus welcomes a plethora of adults and teenagers associated with Countdown to College. In addition to the Director and Coordinator, these include:

  • Two groups of 50 students in consecutive two-week academic camps
  • Parents of Year 1 students for the opening weekend of their child’s four-year program
  • Parents of Year 4 students for their child’s graduation from Countdown to College
  • 16 Saint Mary’s Instructors
  • 16 partner-school co-teachers
  • 10 camp counselors
  • Staff and student workers in housekeeping, food service, safety, recreation, facilities, maintenance

The C2C Coordinator and Director meet to develop the overall plan for each summer session. The C2C Coordinator uses this master plan to schedule all facilities and services needed on campus, including:

  • Dorm rooms and cafeteria meals for students, parents, counselors, and partner-school teachers
  • Cafeteria take-outs for recreation and academic field trips
  • Celebratory meals for Year 1 and Year 4 students, donors, administrators, parents, and instructors
  • Classrooms, including computer labs, and teacher workroom
  • Evening study halls
  • Workshop rooms
  • On-campus recreational facilities
    • work-out room
    • gym
    • pool (including lifeguard and swimming lesson coach)
    • soccer field
  • Campus Safety to open all classrooms, meeting rooms, recreation facilities as needed